Brief description of the organizational structure and its functions

RMD, Nepal has an executive committee and a Board of Advisors. The general assembly formulates annual plans and programs with budget and elects the executive committee, which is responsible for ensuring that the plans and programmes are being carried out effectively. The advisory board supervises, extends professional inputs to the programme and acts as public relations with other professional agencies.

The executive committee comprises with 7 (Seven) members including 4 Female and 3 Male and all of them are elected through a democratic process. The general assembly meets every year and the executive committee meets regularly to discuss and review on-going and project activities


Board/Executive Committee

ChairpersonMrs. Sarmila ShresthaFemaleJanajatis
SecretaryMr. Santamani AryalMaleChhetri
TreasuryMrs. Amrita Maya GhaleFemaleJanajatis
MemberMr. Garve Bdr. MijharMaleDalit
MemberMrs. Parbati PaudelFemaleBrahmin
MemberMrs. Mina LamichhaneFemaleBrahmin
MemberMr. Gham Bdr. BhandariMaleChhetri


Advisory Board Members/Consultant

Management AdvisorDr. Rajendra KC
Policy & Governance AdvisorProfessor Mohan
NRM and DRR AdvisorMr. Upendra Man Shakya


Organizational Structure (Organogram)