Bio-mass Energy Promotion Program

| March 10, 2014 | Reply

Rural Mutual Development Nepal has been implementing Bio-mass Energy Promotion Programme in all VDCs of Dhading district from the funding support of Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)/Government of Nepal (GoN) since last 10 years. The main objective of the project was focused improving the health of rural women through sustainable use of rural renewable energy by providing smokeless cooking system. The project conducted trainings on improved cooking stove (ICS) construction, distribution, repair and maintenance for 425 trainees including 200 women participants. The project mobilized women groups, CFUGs, CBOs for promotion of ICS in rural households. A total of 27530 cooking stoves were constructed in 27530 households which helped to reduce work load of women thereby provided them time to care and rare their children. The project helped to reduce consumption of firewood which directly contributed to forest conservation and health aspect. Three VDCs (Baseri, Muralibhanjyang and Maidi) are Smoke less Free Declare VDCs of Dhading district.